Get ready to

experience a new

generation of banking.

Creating innovative banking solutions

for a disruptive generation.

Coming soon to a device near you.

What will we be offering

We will provide a full suite of traditional and digital banking products including: payments, lending, business banking and foreign transaction solutions. Some disruptive offerings to include:

Revolutionise the banking experience

Spend tracking, budgeting and money managements tools plus much more.

Reduce cost of lending

Home loan, personal loan and business loan interest rate reductions.

Simple banking

No hidden bank fees and eliminate costly international transaction costs.

Transform International Transactions

Low-cost fast global payment and transaction solutions.

Why are we doing this?

Bit-e is being created for the everyday Australian who wants a customer-centric alternative to the traditional banks.

Bit-e was conceived to address numerous challenges and inefficiencies within the banking industry. Some of these challenges and inefficiencies include:

High Operating Costs of Banks

What are the causes of these costs?

Cost of Branches

Legacy & IT Costs

Costs of Banking

Where does the customer get stung?

Cost of International Transactions

Interest Rates & Hidden costs

Banking Inefficiencies

Why are banks not adept with tech?

Inefficiency of technology systems

Speed of international transactions

Building Trust & Security

Message from the CEO
Our goal is to cause major disruption within the banking industry by creating the most innovative, efficient and customer-centric bank.
Delivering so many layers of new technology, requires us to pay the highest level of attention to all security measures, in order to maintain the trust of our customers.
We are taking all the necessary steps to ensure that we stay on par with and exceed cyber security standards set by the industry.
In addition to traditional methods, we are also introducing new and ground-breaking fraud prevention and credit-risk assessment methods.
We are confident that we will set a new benchmark in the banking industry globally. We hope you join us to become part of the revolution.

Please Note: Bit-e is not yet a bank: however, we are taking the steps to attain our Australian Banking Licence.

Additionally, we are working with regulators to ensure compliance of all proposed products.

What are users looking for?

Organisations that can cater to customers’ needs will lead the industry into the future of banking.

The highest voted desires include:

Rewards for my business

Responsive customer support

Analyse my spending and help me budget

Cheaper home, car or business loan

Low-cost International Payments

24x7 access through multiple devices

What do you want most from your bank? Help us create the bank you want.