We're building a disruptive and

customer-centric digital bank

created for a new generation of

banking customers!

About Bit-e, we’re focused on revolutionising the customer banking experience.

Be it reduced home and consumer loans, or low-cost international transactions, payments or money management & round up functionality plus hundreds of incremental services we have planned for our open banking platform, we’re pleased to offer a new generation of banking for our customers.

Founded in Melbourne in 2017, we solve inefficiencies experienced by Australian banking consumers including complicated costly fees, the inadequate speed and cost of transactions, increased cost of lending and poor service.

Our goal is simple, to create a digital bank with revolutionary systems and processes that re-invents the way our customers transact through fast and low-cost customer and merchant payments and transfers.

Using a simple yet innovative digital approach to banking, we’re proud to have turned traditional banking on its head and dramatically boosted our customer’s experience by offering high levels of process automation and lighting fast transactions all in real time.

Our founders are banking, finance, technology and customer experience experts with a passion to create a digital bank that ticks all of our client’s boxes. Whether you’re looking for a digital bank that specialises in payments, lending, business banking or foreign transaction, we’ve got you covered.

Evolution of credit cards,

and their devolution.


Charge coins were the earliest recorded forms of credit


Charga-plates were issued by larger merchants and took the form of a rectangular metal plate


Banker John Biggins developed the Charg-it card


The first Diners Club card issued


American Express launched its travel and entertainment card


Bank of America launched BankAmericard allowing its customers to pay for their purchases in monthly instalments with accruing interest


Credit cards arrive in Australia. Bankcard is launched through joint efforts by Australian banks.


Bankcard signed a co-branding agreement with Visa & Mastercard to enable international usability.


With the advent of smartphones and internet, phones are quickly replacing plastic currency